Travel Guide to Reach Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a protected ancient monument in Britain from the 18th century. It was added as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1986. Each year, many tourists visit this place to see the unique stone sculpture works.  It is more convenient to travel from the city of London through all its major land marks. From Central London to Stonehenge, it takes approximately 1 hour and 44 minutes through the M3 and A303 corridor.

Out of all the public transportations Trains are the best option to travel from Central London. Every 30 minutes once there is a  train that starts from London Waterloo to Salisbury with journey duration of 2 hours and 15 minutes approximately. Salisbury is the closest railway station to reach Stonehenge and to travel from Salisbury to Stonehenge there is this  Coach Bus that takes around 1 hour journey to reach.

Whilst buses and coaches are available, however, they are not very convenient as it travels through lots of other places before reaching Stonehenge.

Private hire airport taxi in London or airport transfer London has an extra advantage over the public transportation system. The door to door service offers passengers to travel directly from their door step to Stonehenge and return on the same vehicle when booked with the return.  The additional benefits would amaze you as the drivers are mostly from Local who could share some knowledgeable tips that would help you in exploring the place better. Driving in a taxi not only saves you time but also gives you the pleasure of enjoying the scenic view of the country side while driving.

There are many airport transfer service which you can choose from to enjoy the seamless journey, such as the

Hire Heathrow airport taxi service

Hire Gatwick airport taxi service

Hire Luton airport taxi service

Hire Stansted airport taxi service

Hire London city airport taxi service

Tourists can pre-book their taxis and minicabs well in advance to avoid the process of waiting in Long queues and huddling the crowd, London airport pickups will be smooth with professional drivers offering the service that is second to none.

Travel Guide to Reach Stonehenge
Travel Guide to Reach Stonehenge

Best England Ports for Cruise Ship Departures

Britain has the biggest and busiest container seaports and number of major cruise port for international and domestic passengers travelling between England and to other countries of the world. Some of the south coast seaports are the Southampton, Dover, Tilbury and Harwich, which is the prime source for  most travellers who departs and enters into England.

Seaports to Airports and Other Places in UK:

Unlike Airports, Seaports do not overflow with crowd, and the options to commute from any of the ports are very minimal.

Whilst the direct and convenient transportation option is Taxis and Private Hires. Irrespective of the time, climate conditions and other natural calamities taxis would be present at the right time for the collections which you would not be able to find it in public transfers.

Airports to Seaports and Other Areas in UK:

Majority of the travellers primarily commute to and from London’s major airports such as the Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and London City Airport.

Transportation option from all these airports are enormous  and private hire airport taxi in London  is the best chosen mode of communication for its friendly and timely service.

Airport Service that is most utilised are:

Heathrow airport taxi service

Gatwick airport taxi service

Luton airport taxi service

Stansted airport taxi service

Please read on the following image which allows you to understand the port better and its available transportation options.

Best England Ports for Cruise Ship Departures
Best England Ports for Cruise Ship Departures

Saloon Vehicle Taxi Fares from Heathrow Airport to 6 Tourist Destinations in London City

Heathrow airport is the biggest and major international airport in London. It has 5 terminals and out of five, Terminal one is closed. Heathrow lies west of Central London. Majority of the international and domestic passengers passes through this airport. In order to avoid hassles in reaching your destination on time, passengers can choose an inexpensive and quality Heathrow airport taxi service transportation to fulfill their needs.

When travellers like to go for Heathrow taxi transfers in London, majority of the people would like to choose saloon vehicle due to its cheap and affordability for 4 passengers, 2 check in and 2 hand Luggage. It is one of the best transportation options when compared to other mode of transportation mode.

Learn more about the Saloon vehicle taxi fares from Heathrow airport (all four operational terminals) to 6 tourist destinations in London city in the below image presentation:

Saloon Vehicle Taxi Fares from Heathrow Airport to 6 Tourist Destinations in London City
Saloon Vehicle Taxi Fares from Heathrow Airport to 6 Tourist Destinations in London City

Comparison between Dubai and Heathrow Airports

Both Heathrow and Dubai airports are well-known major airports in the world. Most number of passengers uses the airports to travel around the planet.

Dubai International Airport:

Dubai international airport is the primary airport serving the city of Dubai. It is located at east of Dubai about 2.9 miles. This airport has two runways and three terminals. It has a very good ground transportation system such as the Dubai metro, bus and taxis.

Heathrow Airport:

Heathrow is the biggest airport in UK and it serves the capital city of England. It has two runways (Planned one) and four terminals. This airport lies west of London city about 14 miles. Passenger have  better access to both public and private transportation such train, bus and coaches, rental car, bicycle, inter-terminal transport and number of Heathrow airport taxi service firms.

Learn more about the comparison between Dubai and Heathrow airport in the below image representation.


History of Public and Private Transportation Service in London

London is a well known city in England, UK. It has a well developed transportation network which is divided into two categories namely Private and Public. Most of the public transportation system is in the form of Underground tubes, Buses, Tramlink, Docklands light railway, London river services and London Overground. Only black taxis and private hire airport taxis in London city are considered to be private transportation.
The Transport for London department works under the Mayor of London. It is an accumulation of sub departments that controls various means of transports such as the trains, tubes, buses, river ferries, cable cars etc. Private hires are managed and sub contracted to Public Carriage office which is governed and overlooked by Transport for London.
Every year there has been a drastic increase in the number of people visiting the city of London for various reasons such as tour, business, etc. Commuting in and around the capital city, may not be difficult as the different transportation service plays an important role for travellers to go around various parts of the country. Choosing the mode of transportation based on the location and passenger’s requirement could a bit challenging.
When you opt for London airport pickups, there are certain things that have to be checked before booking with them. Journeys have to be pre-booked in advance through online or phone which is available 24 /7. Taxi firm’s offers service to and from all airports, seaports, hotels, restaurants, stations and other part of London. You may also book taxis and minicabs to travel between London airports, such as Gatwick to Heathrow taxi transfers.
Learn more about important statistics and history of each transportation mode of both public and private below:

History of Public and Private Transportation Service in London
History of Public and Private Transportation Service in London

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in London City

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom which covers 1.12 square miles in area. It is located at the southern part of UK. Each year, lots of tourists visit the city mainly for its historic places and other important locations. Commonly travellers enter the city through Trains, Airports and Seaports, however majority of the passenger traffic is through airways.

There are 5 major airports in the city, however most of them are not well facilitated with public transport system. Whereas Heathrow airport taxi services, Gatwick airport taxi services, Luton airport taxi services,  Stansted airport taxi service and London city airport taxi service are the only direct service which transfers passengers from the time they land at the airport until they reach their destination without causing any inconvenience.

Planning ahead for a journey would be a better choice for travellers who consider traveling in luxury and time saving. In general one must look for a best airways and pre-book tickets as per their tour plan. After landing in the city, you might have to choose the best taxi service provider for a reliable private airport pickups London. Wherever you may be located in the world, pre-booking your taxis and minicabs can easily be made through online portals or by simply calling the 24/7 customer support line. Though many other mode of transportation is available in such a well developed city, it would still be inconvenient if you are travelling for the first time or if you are accompanied with children and elders.  Hence, for an affordable airport taxis in London you would have to choose the best taxis and minicabs in order to have a relaxed journey through this enormous city.

Why wait? Pack your things today and get ready to visit the wonderful city of London.

Find below the top 10 tourist attractions in London City and also wise choice of transportation mode. Please view the image representation below.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in London City
Top 10 Tourist Attractions in London City

Guides to Travel between Major London Airports and Central London

London is a world famous city which has a population of over 8 million out of which majority of people commute from all the five major airports for their business requirements. The well built city of London has various modes of transportation system that are available to travel to every nook and corner of the city. Though travelling from all these airports may not be complicated, however when it comes to travelling hassle free it would be more than a challenging task.

When it comes to affordable, time saving and hassle free journey, hiring the airport taxi in London would be the perfect option for travellers. Taxis and Minicabs has number of benefits such as flight monitoring service for free, Meet and Greet service, option to plan a ahead, Stress free ride, 24/7 customer service, prepay option to avoid last minute run around for cash, etc.

Extensive services offered are the Heathrow Airport Taxi Service, Gatwick Airport Taxi Service, Luton Airport Taxi Service, Stansted Airport Taxi Service and London City Airport Taxi Service.

Find below the best ways to reach Central London from all the five major airports with some useful information such as distance, modes of transportation, common transportation system and which is the best transportation when compared to the others. Please view the image representation below:

Guides to Travel between Major London Airports and Central London
Guides to Travel between Major London Airports and Central London